the minimal that maximizes

Expand your business to mobile. You have the business you go to every time you have a whole web site, both the app.

3 reasons why
Mobile app is vital to small business
Let an unlimited number of customers use your app
Engage customers with over 25 app features
Sell products through your app 24/7
Reach customers anytime with push notifications
Attract new customers with our promotional toolkit
Get repeat customers with coupons & loyalty cards
Edit and update your app any time you want
Track your app's success with advanced analytics

How to choose mobile app

Bring you mobile app best for your business at low cost

Why hire us to build

You are ensured to get best app for your business at low cost with minimal functionality. We use powerful tools to build the mobile app that meets your needs and make you succeed in just 1 month.

what make difference

Our mobile app is designed for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) charged from just thousands. Pay cheaper, customized easier than the app created by typical app development agency. Much lower cost world-class tools. We provide you a one stop service. Call us now

Pay 1 get 2

Urgent! Pay 1 get app and website only from THB59,900
This price is for first year only, next year charged for web hosting and annual mobile app.
price 59,900 valid in

Mobile app features

  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile Store
  • In-App Coupons & Loyalty Cards
  • support iOS & Android
grab your app now


for running app in short time.



for businesses membership


every 2 year

for long-term public relations


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*Keep in mind, the Apple App Store charges a $99 annual developer fee and Google Play charges a one-time fee of $25. (Plus tax, if required)